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Christmas in your Campervan

As most campervan parks here in the UK stay open all year round, you are often able to spend Christmas away from home in the comfort of your campervan. However, just because you are in a smaller place compared to your home it doesn’t mean you can’t have an equally fun time this Christmas. In fact, there are many different ways to do celebrate in your campervan even if it is not exactly how you would do it at home. So if you fancy spending Christmas in your campervan this year here are some ideas for decorations, activities and meals!


Decorations can prove slightly difficult in a campervan as you don’t want to spend a load of time putting them up just to realise that as soon as the campervan moves, so will everything else! However, bunting, tinsel and fairy lights are always a good idea because you can attach them to cupboards or ceilings. Don’t overdo the lights however as they can be a fire hazard. Don’t forget there are also many campervan themed Christmas decorations out there so you can celebrate both Christmas and your love of travel!


You can cook almost any kind of food in a campervan however your oven will most probably not fit a huge turkey and all the trimmings, so here are some other options:

Traditional – If you want to stay traditional then you could purchase a small turkey crown or a breast and cook the rest of the trimmings on the hob. If there is a large group of you, you may want to purchase a mini-oven for any bits that wont fit in the oven.

Spatchcock Chicken – A spatchcock chicken can be cooked in around 40 minutes either on the grill, BBQ or oven. You could compliment it with sweet potato chips or give it a traditional twist and have roast potatoes and vegetables.

Beef Wellington – This is a popular choice as its affordable and easy to cook. It takes around an hour in the oven depending on the size of the joint. This can also be prepared with the traditional Christmas trimmings or be kept simple with a side of mashed potato and vegetables.

Don’t forget the mulled wine to really get everyone in the mood and also keep them warm!

Activities and games

Even if you are in your campervan this Christmas, you still have the choice as to whether you have a quiet Christmas away from the hustle and bustle of normal life or a social event. Sharing food and drinks is always a great way to socialise and many campervan parks will have activities going on around the Christmas period so make sure to look them up before you set off. You may even find some Christmas markets close to your park which will help you get into the Christmas spirit!

There are many games you can play with family and friends that entertain all ages. Here are some ideas:

Quizzes – You could start off with a Christmas themed quiz with a mixture of questions for adults and children (you will be surprised to see how many of the children’s questions that the adults don’t know!)

Christmas Memory Game – Place Christmas items on a tray and give your guests 1 minute to remember what is on the tray. Take the tray away and ask them to write out as many as they can on a piece of paper in 30 seconds.

Secret Santa – A month before Christmas ask each guest to pick a label out of a hat which contains everyone’s names who will be attending on the day. Each guest has a £5 – £10 budget to spend on their mystery pick. On Christmas day each person opens their present and has to guess who bought it for them!

If you want to get away for the Christmas period we hope this blog provides some great ideas on how to make the most of your trip. Being in a campervan doesn’t mean you can’t take part in Christmas celebrations as there will always be plenty to do even if you have to do it slightly differently to the ‘traditional’ way. Merry Christmas!

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