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Clever Campervan Conversions

For many people a motorhome is more than just a way of getting around or a place to sleep when camping, it’s a project: a way of building up your dream vehicle from scratch. Conversions can be a great way of bringing an old and disused vehicle back on the road, or just a handy way of utilising the space you have in your existing motorhome. Are you tempted? Then what is there to think about?


Of course, your design will have to be built around a few fixed items. You’ll need to have a driver’s seat, obviously, and if you want to fit any appliances you’ll need to think about where they can fit. A cooker will need a gas supply and a sink near a water tank so you may be restricted as to what you can realistically move around.


Given the few items that will have to be fixed in a certain location, you can lay your interior out in a number of different ways around this. There are plenty of different design templates available on the web, but always have in mind comfort and accessibility: clambering across the driver’s seat to get into the back or having to fold up four different types of table before bed just isn’t practical and this should be reflected in your design.

Costs and Parts

There’s a number of very good specialist supply shops for individual parts online and it’s well worth having a browse of what is available before you start planning. You can buy some items exceptionally cheap but be careful not to compromise on quality – some plastic seat swivels or low quality lighting can wear out very quickly. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that your motor home insurance covers your conversion; you might want to go to a specialist insurer to find a cheap motor home insurance quote.

A conversion can be a great project and there’s no reason why anyone, with a bit of time and a bit of planning can’t come up with a design they really like. The practical work is a little more challenging but professionals are available every step of the way to help you out in achieving your dream motorhome!

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