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Council rejects idea of overnight parking for Motorhomes

Those that own motorhomes know that it can sometimes be difficult to find a place to park, especially due to the fact that some car parks don’t have suitable facilities. Motorhome owners have to try and make sure that if they choose to park their vehicles in a public car park that it is big enough for them to manoeuvre safely, especially as a large amount of motorhome insurance claims are generally due to bumps and scratches when trying to park.

However, motorhome owners also have to make sure that they are legally allowed to park in certain car parks and how long they can stay there otherwise they could find themselves with a hefty fine. Many car parks have height restriction barriers at the entrance which automatically means that motorhomes and caravans are not allowed or welcome, so sometimes finding a place to park can be difficult. Therefore, it is understandable that motorhome owners were left frustrated after they were told a local council would not agree to their request to be allowed to park overnight in a car park in Burnham-On-Sea.

The Motor and Caravanners Club previously wrote to the Sedgemoor District Council in order to ask whether they would change the rules concerning overnight parking at the Burnham’s Street Car Park, however the Council refused. A member of the Motor and Caravanners Club, Trevor Scantlebury said: “The car park has some excellent motorhome parking spots which with adequate regulation could be extended to allow overnight parking. This would be a boon during the summer months, allowing motorhome users to spend money without worrying of finding late night parking.”

However, Councillor Louise Parkin defended the decision and said in the council’s last meeting: “We have numerous good caravan parks in the Burnham area that provide overnight motorhome parking. They continuously invest in their facilities and it would be absolutely wrong for us as a council to set ourselves up to compete with them. Councillor Peter Burridge-Clayton agreed and added: “Car parks like the one in Pier Street also do not have the same overnight facilities as caravan parks to cater for motorhome users. Toilets, showers and waste facilities would be needed.”

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