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Decorating your Campervan this Autumn

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Most people want their campervans to feel as homely as possible, especially if they are planning on being on the road for long periods of time. Just because you are on the move it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your campervan to represent the warm tones of autumn, in fact colourful accessories such as throws and pillows can add that extra bit of comfort and style! So here we look at some ideas on how to decorate your campervan this autumn to make your family and friends feel as comfortable as possible:


Decorating your campervan isn’t all about adding more accessories. Instead, it can sometimes make a huge difference (and also save you money!) to restore the interior of your original campervan. This can be done by getting seats re-upholstered, replacing old woods or even sanding and re-varnishing furnishings. There is always the option of spray painting your interior with a range of different colours and finishes too!

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If you want to give your campervan a traditional feel this autumn then take a look at some real wood veneers finishes for your benches, tables or kitchen tops. When it comes to woods you can choose from cherry, maple, ash, oak, walnut and more, helping you create something unique and eye-catching.

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Spray finishes

Why not treat your cupboards, tables or kitchens counters to a spray paint with a range of non-metallic colours? This can add a slick and smart finish to any campervan and you can change it in the future!

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Flooring comes in a range of different colours and types so it all depends on personal preference. To make your campervan easier to clean it makes sense to get wooden or laminate flooring, however if you like to feel at home a carpeted floor is also possible.
For help with any of the above, take a look at


If your kitchen appliances are looking a bit old and dirty but are still in good working order it may be worth paying for a full cleaning service to spruce them up. If they are too dirty or broken then replacing them would be the best option.

Colours and Accessories

Keeping the main colour of your campervan’s interior subtle and then adding bright accessories is a great way to bring that autumn feeling into your campervan. Oranges, pinks and greens are all popular autumn colours and can contrast nicely against your more standard furnishings.

If you are after something a bit more striking you could paint one wall of your campervan in an autumn colour and have it as a statement wall which will match your throws, pillows and other accessories within the campervan.

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Use pillows, throws, duvet covers, towels and flannels to set the colour theme of your campervan. You could even go as far as getting kitchen utensils, plates and bowls that also match the theme. This will give your campervan a modern and neater look – after all, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication!

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