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Do you have the correct Motorhome Tyres?

Most motorhome owners don’t give a second thought to tyres: they are fitted as standard and though they might occasionally blow or puncture, they more or less do the job they were designed to do from start to finish. However, this is not quite the full story: tyres are the motorhome’s only contact point with the road and are vital to good efficiency and proper running. Have you got the right tyres fitted?

Fit, Tread and Wear

There should be no reason that your existing tyres don’t fit your motorhome, but if you are buying new tyres you should be absolutely certain that the fit is correct. Mechanics can advise you on this but if you’re fitting your own tyres you’ll have to do the research. Equally, your tyres should have a minimum legal level of tread and should not be worn down below a point. Usually you will find a grip-gauge in the glove box.

Inflation and Replacements

Your tyres will have on them a figure in ‘psi’ (pounds per square inch) that will dictate the maximum inflation level. This maximum should not be exceeded but is a good ‘target’ to aim for, making sure you hit just below the mark before driving off. Overinflated tyres may cause a blow-out which can not only be incredibly dangerous, but it can lead to a tricky motorhome insurance claim if you are found to have overinflated your tyres.

Specialist Tyres

Of course, not all tyres are the same. Some motorhome specific tyres are off-road, some are designed for snow and many will have top-speeds marked on them. Heed all the advice you can from manufacturers on this one, and if you’re thinking of doing something extraordinary, like an off road or even a racing trip (they do exist!) then make sure you have the appropriate rubber underneath your wheels.

Tyres are worth more consideration than they typically get from motorhome owners. Don’t underestimate the importance of your tyres, keep them well maintained and make sure you’re using appropriate tyres for the trip you have planned.

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