Don’t post on social networks when you go on holiday!

Don’t post on social networks when you go on holiday!

Image of holidayAlmost everybody who uses social media will use their accounts to boast about the amazing holidays they have been on. On a day to day basis there are pictures popping up on our Facebook feeds making us more and more jealous that we are sat in our offices at work, however this playful boasting could actually be dangerous for holiday goers.

Research has told us that around one in ten people share on social media how long and where they are going on holiday, while one in eight post pictures and statuses while they are away. Surveys also show that eight per cent of the British public return home to a house that has been burgled and less than a quarter of people believe that there could be a risk of posting about their holidays online.

However, we have now been warned that doing so could void your insurance if you were to get burgled. Charlotte Davies, Marketing Manager at Comfort Insurance, said: “We all love a holiday and there is nothing better than going away for a well-deserved break; however people don’t seem to remember about the security of their home. It is usually the last thing on their mind; however it should be the first.

“Many insurance companies have caught on to this fact and are therefore reminding their customers that their cover could become void should they be burgled after posting on social media about being away. It is so easy to find information about people on social media and posting about being away makes life 10 times easier for thieves. This is why we encourage anyone going on a campervan or motorhome trip not to post on their social sites whilst away.”

A quarter of people also discuss their evening plans on the internet and 28 per cent post updates on social sites about going out. When heading out on your campervan holiday make sure you think about what you post on social media especially if your home will be empty.

Leaving your home empty is irresistible to thieves and there are many ways to ensure your home is safe while you are away.

Home security when on holiday

Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your home whilst you are away or maybe even see if they can go in every now and again to check everything is safe. If you can’t find a friend or neighbour to check your house for you, you can always make your house look as though it is occupied. Do this by cancelling milk or newspaper deliveries so that it is not seen outside your house which will also save you money! You can also install timer switches on lights and radios which will turn them on and off at certain times.

Leaving your curtains closed can be risky as it can make your house look unoccupied, however you don’t want burglars to see into your home. If you have blinds make sure they are down instead as they still let light in but people cannot see into your home.

Before you leave for your holiday, double check all door and window locks to make sure they are not broken. Any exterior doors should have two locks fitted for maximum security and it will also discourage burglars because it is harder to gain entry. It may even be worth upgrading any old door or window locks so you have the best quality security.

Don’t forget to also set your burglar alarm because this acts as a deterrent to thieves. Houses with no security measures are twice as likely to be burgled compared to those with basic security who have a 2% chance of burglary.

So the next time you leave for your campervan or motorhome holiday make sure you protect yourself not only with motorhome insurance but also home and contents cover. You must also remember not to post too much information on social media sites and warn any family or friends not to do so either, otherwise you could come home to a nasty surprise.

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