Thinking of Joining a Campervan Club?

Image of campervanIf you are a campervan fanatic who takes your vehicle out more than once a year then it is well worth signing up to a club as you could end up saving money, meeting some great new people and even finding out about exciting trips and places to stay! Therefore, in this month’s blog we will show you some great campervan clubs to be a part of and the benefits that each one has to offer. Don’t forget, all of these clubs (and more) get a fantastic 5% discount from Comfort Insurance if you become a member!

Volkswagen California Club

The Volkswagen California Club is a non-profit organisation that welcomes owners of classic Split & Bay models as well as T3, T4 and T5 Transporter vans. They offer great discounts to members along with free gifts and exclusive packages that will tempt any VW fan. To make things even better, the sign up for the club is completely free as it’s used as a community and they also actively promote up and coming events that VW owners users may be interested in attending.

Dorset Dub Club

The Dorset Dub Club is perfect for families and is all about having fun. The club started casually in January 2012 and in its first year accrued around 80 members. Anyone can sign up to the Dorset Dub Club from VW Transporter to T5 facelift owners. Members of the club meet every second Thursday of the month for a drink at their local pubs to discuss plans, news and events. The club in its entirety also attends many popular VW events and is also a member of the Association of British VW Clubs which rewards club members with exclusive benefits.

London & Thames Valley VW Club

The London & Thames Valley VW Club began in 1988 and caters for all VW fanatics regardless of whether your vehicle is air-cooled, water-cooled, old or new. A team of volunteers runs the club and aims to provide members with information, events, discounts, a club magazine and a chance to meet other fans. Due to the size of the London & Thames Valley VW Club the organisers are able to negotiate deals with VW suppliers as well as garages, magazines, the RAC and the AA. Regular meetings are organised including trips, club camping and displays and their own event called “Dubs at the Park”.

The Karmann Coachbuilts Club

The Karmann Coachbuilts Club is over 7 years old and is the world’s largest community of Karmann owners. With members all over the world they also operate as the only Karmann Coachbuilts Register. The club holds their very own UK National Treffen meeting near the Peak District National Park every June giving members the opportunity to meet other Karmann owners. However, if you fancy travelling a bit farther afield there is also another meeting in Stove, Germany each year!

The club’s website is great for sharing information with other Karmann owners and and all members are entitled to discounts, event information, brochures, photos and more. The club is non-profit and any donations made to it go towards the running of the website and any left over money is donated to The British Legion Poppy Appeal Fund.

The Royal Country VW Club

The Royal Country VW Club is a meet up that has been growing slowly since 2004 when it began. The meeting happens at the Red Lyon Pub in Hurley, Berkshire on the second Wednesday of every month starting at 7.00pm until late.

Club 80-90

The members of Club 80-90 all have something in common: they love camping, attending VW shows or just finding out more about campervans! The members are from all over the world and consist of both young and old enthusiasts. Membership will gain you access to discounts, people to talk to and a chance to organise meet ups with fellow campervan lovers. The club also has a forum where members share knowledge, photos, events, and details of meet ups.

If we have tempted you to join a campervan or motorhome club then don’t forget that this July Comfort Insurance is sponsoring the VW Whitenoise Festival where there will be a range of clubs to chat to and even become a member of!

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  1. THEWAJE.COM on August 1, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    Clubs are great.. I used to be in a VW club when I had one. I had a treasure chest of tips and advice from fellow owners when in need! The meetings were great fun too!

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