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Easter Holiday fun in your Motorhome

Image of Easter EggsThis year the Easter holiday period for UK schools starts on Saturday 5th April and finishes on Monday 21st April, meaning that as a parent you will need to keep your children entertained for a whopping seventeen days. Luckily, the weather looks as though it will be marginally pleasant for the month of April, which means that you can organise a range of motorhome activities with your family. Here, we looks at some great ways to keep your kids entertained and your stress levels low!

Going on a Family Trip

The Easter holidays are usually seen as an optimal time to go away on holiday with your family, as its long enough after Christmas for people to save up and the weather usually starts to improve around this time. However, as so many people have the same idea it can mean that travelling during the Easter holidays is quite stressful, especially if you haven’t planned ahead. If you are thinking of taking a trip to a popular tourist destination such as a seaside then you will need to start planning your holiday now. Campsites and caravan parks get booked up extremely quickly, and if you are quite particular about the facilities you need then you should book sooner rather than later.

Traffic is also an issue during the Easter holidays, and as such you may find that others on the road are less tolerant of motorhomes and campervans. Unfortunately, motorhomes and campervans are not known for their speed or manoeuvring capabilities, so others on the road may start to feel frustrated if they are stuck behind you, particularly on narrow country roads. If you are planning on driving during the Easter holidays make sure you are especially considerate of other drivers, and factor in time spent in traffic to your journey.

Hiring a Motorhome

Some people feel that as they have never been on a motorhome holiday before they wouldn’t know where to start, and then the idea often gets dropped. However, organising your first motorhome holiday is actually easier than you think, especially if you hire a motorhome that comes with motorhome insurance included. One of the great things about motorhome holidays is that they can also be relatively cheap, meaning that even if you don’t have much to spend during the Easter holidays you can still treat yourself and your family to a short trip away.

When hiring a motorhome, make sure you think about the amount of room you will need to comfortably fit you and your family. Children often get irritated if they are in a confined space for too long, so always go for a motorhome that has enough space for you all to feel comfortable. Once you have hired your motorhome, you then need to decide where you want to visit. Luckily, there are thousands of amazing tourist attractions in the UK, many of which charge only a small amount, or are free, for children.

Using your Motorhome at Home

With the weather set to be warm and dry over the Easter holidays, it is likely that your children will want to spend as much time outside as possible. Your local pound store is a great place to stock up on toys such as mini tennis rackets, footballs, frisbees and even water guns, and then the fun can really start at home!

As it is Easter you should also think about investing in some Easter eggs and holding an Easter egg hunt at home with your children and their friends. Your motorhome is a great place to hide little presents for your children, and if you are having a party with friends you can also use it as a place to relax or even prepare food for your guests. Who knows, your friends may be so impressed with the versatility of your motorhome that they may think about hiring or buying one of their own, meaning next year you can all go on a motorhome trip together!

The Easter holidays are sometimes dreaded by parents, especially as they can be particularly long. However, if you plan ahead and think about some fun ideas activities that include your motorhome you could find it a great opportunity to bond with your children and give them some cherished memories for the future.

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