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Eco Gadgets for Those Who Want to Camp Green

Have you ever thought about saving a little more money and helping the environment while on holiday in your campervan? We know this can be a difficult task in today’s society as everything is disposable rather than reusable, however here are our top 5 gadgets all green campers must have.

Solar Powered Hat

This baseball cap is made from cotton and is waterproof. It consists of white LED lights that have a life of 100,000 hours and are powered by a battery that is charged by the solar panel that is on top of the peak of the cap. The solar panel collects sunlight and then stores this energy in a small battery. This is then used to power the LED lights which can be used for reading during the evening and night. This will help save on your electricity bill over the course of your holiday as you won’t need your lights on inside your campervan (as long as the sun has been out during the day!).

Lightcap 300

This is not just an ordinary water bottle. It also doubles as a latern that is powered by LED lights. The lights are again powered by small solar panels in the top of the bottle. As this is one product with two functions using light from the sun to power it, it is another good green camping gadget for your summer holidays.

Solar Pocket Shower

The Solar Pocket Shower is heated by the suns energy. It is a bag that has a plastic nozzle at the end, acting as the shower head. It holds up to 10 litres of water which gives about 7 minutes of shower time. All that is required is that the bag is filled with water, left in the sun, hung over a tree branch and then the shower is ready. This means not having to clean out your water containers after the shower is used, you don’t need to use the public showers and it is again very eco-friendly.

Freeloader Globetrotter Kit

Once again, this eco friendly gadget is powered by solar panels that can be attached to back-packs or bike racks and are weatherproof. This way you can leave them outside in all conditions to take advantage of any glimpse of sunlight. The Globetrotter Kit is used to charge other electronics from Mp3 players to GPS devices. This is a great way to charge most electronic devices that may be needed on your holiday and as it uses no electricity at all, is another eco-friendly gadget we love.

EyeMax Wind Up Solar-Powered Radio

Number 5 in our list is a wind up radio that also has a solar panel for the days when there is enough sun for the wind up not to be necessary. By winding up this radio by 5 minutes you get 35 minutes of radio time.

With these gadgets you can save energy, save money and even help save the planet! Just make sure that all your eco gadgets in your campervan are covered by your campervan insurance policy.

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