Elddis launches training programme for caravan servicing

When buying a campervan, caravan or motorhome you need to make sure that you have enough money not just to buy the initial vehicle, but also to cover the costs of motorhome insurance, maintenance and journeys. Many motorhome and campervan owners therefore make sure that they are getting the best deal when it comes to hiring a mechanic, however sometimes the cheapest mechanics aren’t always the best.

Whilst there are many skilled and experienced motorhome and caravan mechanics in the UK, some do not have all the skills required to look after your vehicle properly, meaning that they could end up causing even more damage or not servicing your motorhome properly. This is one of the reasons that the caravan manufacturer Elddis have decided to launch a new training programme in order to teach all their approved service centres and workshops how to repair their caravans.

Not only this, they have decided to make the training programme mandatory for all service centres and workshops that deal with their caravans so that they can ensure a high standard of after-care for all their customers. Elddis spent three years researching and developing the programme, which they have named the SoLiD Construction programme, and are planning on launching it this September. The company felt it was important to launch the scheme due to the fact that their caravans are all fully-bonded vehicles, unlike most other caravans.

Many engineering industries already create fully-bonded vehicles, such as the automotive, marine and aeronautical industries, however it is not as popular when it comes to motorhomes, caravans or campervans. Therefore, the company launched the programme in order to make sure that every operative in the Elddis retail network is fully competent when it comes to working with and repairing its structurally bonded tourers, especially if they are involved in an accident.

Discussing the SoLiD Construction programme, associate director at the company, Angela Robson said: “Structurally bonding, although tried, tested and relied on in other areas of vehicle manufacturing, is completely new to our industry. This naturally leads to questions being raised, such as ‘if the bond is so strong, how can it be repaired?’ In order to answer this question and many more we have designed a specific training course aimed at our retailers and repair centres across the country.”

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