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Detectors for Motorhomes

You wouldn’t dream staying in a house without a smoke detector and many of us won’t go out without setting the burglar alarm, but the rules that normally apply at home aren’t always transferred to practice when in your motorhome. The dangers of fire, theft or even carbon monoxide poisoning are all equally great in a motorhome and, in many cases, are actually greater. You need to protect yourself with alarms and detectors when you’re out and about, so here’s our quick guide to detectors…

Smoke Alarm

Your motorhome is likely to have come with a smoke alarm but you still need to check the batteries on a regular basis. If you don’t currently have one, they are remarkably cheap from any DIY store and, in many places, you can actually get them for free. Test your smoke alarm regularly and don’t be tempted to take the batteries out if it goes off when you burn the toast: it’s only doing its job!

Burglar Alarms

Though smoke alarms are essential, burglar alarms are less common on motorhomes as they usually come with central locking. For older campervans and conversions, however, you will need to think about intruder alarms. Equally, an upgrade on what you already have could well save you money on your motorhome insurance, so check before you buy.

Carbon Monoxide

Many motorhome owners are unaware of the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning but it is a serious and very present danger. Carbon monoxide can come from a variety of sources but most commonly from indoor heaters or exhaust fumes. A carbon monoxide detector, which, again, is usually free, can prevent this danger. As carbon monoxide has no taste or aroma it’s very difficult to know whether you’ve been affected without a detector.

If you’re buying a new motorhome it’s vital to make sure all the right technology is in place and ready to go from the off. The risk of these things is small but without the proper detectors you leave yourself open to considerably more damage than you might if you’re properly protected.

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