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Embrace the Tyre Labelling System


Many of us are not great fans of change; we like to stick to what we know unless we have good reason to act otherwise. Well now the time has come to embrace the new tyre labelling system. This is because they will increase the amount of miles they get out of them therefore saving money and it could mean potentially saving money on your motorhome insurance. This is because the better your tyres, you are more likely to have fewer accidents, therefore fewer or no claims.

Those who created the new system are urging motorhome users to recognise and use the information to help improve the safety of the vehicle and reduce costs.

The System

They system works by having labels from A to G. The tyres labelled A are the most efficient and the ones labelled G are the least efficient. Manufacturers of the tyres believe that spending the extra money in the short term will actually provide savings in the long term Music to everyone’s ears, especially in this economic climate.


Tests have been done on the tyres at Millbrook Proving Ground and the braking distance between the different grades of tyres was clear. The car being tested was a Volvo travelling on a wet road at 50mph. With the set of A tyres the stopping distance was a huge 16 metres shorter than the G tyres.

Christopher Kalla is the head of research and development at Lanxess has said “The consumer needs to be aware of this. It’s amazing how much money people are prepared to pay for airbags, yet they don’t want to spend money on tyres that can shave up to 18 metres on their braking distance. Importantly some 20-30% If the fuel consumption of a vehicle can be attributed to the tyres that make up the interface between the vehicle and the road, hence, reducing tyres rolling resistance is relatively simple way of reducing fuel consumption.”

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