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Essential buying guide for motorhomes

All motorhome enthusiasts will remember the first vehicle they ever bought. It’s a bit like purchasing your first home or going on your first date, on reflection not perfect but certainly exciting at the time!

Getting it right

It is the first step on a road to many adventures and as is the case with many things, experience guides you in the right direction. With motorhomes now costing anything between four and six figure sums it is important for any prospective buyer to get as much information as possible. Make the wrong decision and the first motorhome you buy will probably be your last, opt for the right buy and the rest of your life will be enriched with adventures and meeting fellow adventurers.

Guide produced by experienced publishers

The Warner Group Publications organisation, publishers of Motorhome Motorcaravan Monthly, the UK’s most popular motorhomer’s magazine, have put together an essential guide to buying motorhomes that all prospective purchasers should consider buying. The guide appropriately enough called “Buying your first motorhome” covers all aspects of making that first important purchase. Not only does it cover essentials such as motorhome insurance and that all important finance, it also gives advice on more in depth aspects such as what wheel base buyers should consider, the weight of the motorhome, which will influence licence and motor caravan insurance, and of course the layout inside.

Cutting through the jargon

The guide tries to simplify what can be a complicated process by giving tips on each aspect of the purchase, and tries to guide the reader into considering what is right for them, and of course what is wrong. With the experience gained from publishing the most popular motorhome magazine comes the wisdom and input generated by those in the know… the readers. Remember, a relatively old motorhome will possibly cost more than a brand new car in some cases, so generally the purchase will be the second biggest if not the biggest purchase of your life. When considering this, the cost of the 164 page brochure which comes in at under a fiver must be considered money well spent if it helps in any way at all.

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