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Recall notice alert for motor home owners

Travellers with a motor home base from a Fiat, Citroen or Peugeot van will be invited to take their vehicles to a test centre in the next few weeks as details of a possible fault begin to emerge.

Engineers have discovered a fault on the Fiat Ducato van that causes problems with the raising and lowering of the spare wheel under the van. It is thought that under certain conditions the spare wheel could be detached from the vehicle while the process of securing the wheel takes place.

The Ducato is used as a vehicle base for many motor homes and a vehicle recall for Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Relay vans, which were made at the same factory, has been issued. It is not certain how many of the Ducatos where converted into motor caravans but owners of Ducatos with the following vehicle identification numbers (VIN) ZFA25000001000371 to ZFA25000001789440 are advised to contact an authorised Fiat dealer for advice.

Owners of motor homes based on Citroen Relays with VINs VF7******11032532 to VF7******11507338 and owners of motor homes based on Peugeot Boxers with VINs VF3******11000648 to VF3 ******11506946 are also advised to contact a franchise dealer for further advice.

A spokesman for the Fiat Company said: “On a number of Fiat Ducato vehicles there is a possibility the spare wheel may not be correctly supported. This may allow the spare wheel to become detached. As this defect could affect vehicle safety, owners are requested to make the earliest possible appointment with their chosen Fiat Professional Dealer to check their vehicle and carry out any necessary rectification. This work will be carried out without charge. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank owners for their cooperation.”

As well as making sure if your vehicle needs to be recalled it is also vital to check how these faults may affect your motor home insurance policy.

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