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Family Spends 60 Days on the Slopes Thanks to Motorhome

A family from Scotland has managed to spend the entire skiing season on the slopes thanks to moving around in their motorhome. Those that spend a whole season in ski resorts usually have to find employment, meaning a substantial amount of their time is spent doing menial tasks instead of enjoying themselves. However, Michael Cambridge along with his wife Moira and six year old daughter Anna found a way to enjoy the whole skiing season in Scotland without having to work, and spending less than most.

The Cambridge’s took advantage of the ski-Scotland All Area Season Pass, meaning that they could visit CairnGorm, Glencoe, Glenshee, the Lecht, and Nevis Range at their leisure throughout the entire season. And due to the fact that the Cambridge’s decided to buy early, they each received a pass for only £430 each, which works out as just over £10 a day for unlimited skiing. Even better, daughter Anna’s ticket only cost £235, meaning that it was only £5 a day for her entire holiday. The fact that they could visit each resort as and when they wished also meant that they could travel to wherever had the best conditions at the time.

By staying in a motorhome, not only could the Cambridge’s travel around Scotland at their own pace, but they could also do it in perpetual comfort. Michael Cambridge stated that they owned an Auto-Roller 707 which “is fairly comfortable – it sleeps seven so it’s not quite your typical ski bum VW. We’ve been there though – we’ve had a converted van in years gone by. We’ve gone from a tiny little minivan when we were in our twenties to a fully campervan to a medium-sized motorhome to a couple of fairly big motorhomes”.

Michael went on to say that travelling around the resorts via motorhomes in becoming more and more popular, and that they even celebrate New Year’s Eve at the sites. He claimed “It’s infectious – once you do it once, you want to do it forever”.

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