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Is it a Bus? Is it a Coach? No, it’s an American Motorhome!

America is often thought of as the home of recreational vehicles as it has a long history of motorhome production and use. As we all know, things are generally larger in America than the UK, and motorhomes are no exception! This is why most motorhome owners have always dreamt of crossing the pond and hiring out a true American motorhome, however they are not always sure where to start. So here Comfort Insurance looks at some of the biggest and baddest American motorhomes which any true RV fan would love to drive:

Tuscany Diesel Motorhomes

Image of Tuscany Diesel MotorhomeMost people mistake these vehicles for coaches, however when inside there is no doubting that they are mobile homes. Along with king size beds and full length wardrobes these motorhomes come with their very own ‘basements’ which you can use to store practically anything from ski gear to cars! Naturally, these vehicles need a heck of a lot of fuel in order to get moving, which means that they can hold a whopping one hundred gallons of diesel. They also hold hundreds of gallons of fresh and waste water, so if you are looking for a motorhome that will take you across America in style this one is for you!

The ‘Toterhome’

Image of ToterhomeThink the Tuscany diesel motorhomes are big? Then feast your eyes on the ‘toterhome’! Trust the good old US of A to create hybrid recreational vehicles with all the benefits of a motorhome plus the capabilities of a tow truck. Pictured opposite is a converted Volvo NH12 truck which can sleep over thirty people and can tow practically anything – even another motorhome! Due to the sheer size and cost of these vehicles (think hundreds of thousands of dollars), they are not generally available on the market, however if you ever win the lottery you will be able to create your very own from scratch. Just make sure you have somewhere to park it…

The Airstream

Image of Airstreams

The Airstream is one of the most recognisable American RVs in the world, however over the years it has changed somewhat. Originally, Airstreams were trailers which you had to tow, and even though this is still the most popular form of the Airstream, Ford created a new concept version back in 2007 which was more motorhome like. Even though the Ford Airstream hasn’t officially hit the market there is still a lot of interest in the model due to the fact that it is a hybrid which boasts a hydrogen fuel cell drive system. If this is the future of American motorhomes then we can’t wait!

The Chateau

Image of Chateau motorhomeFor those that don’t already know, ‘chateau’ literally means ‘house’ in French, which is why it’s a very fitting name for this motorhome. Even though the Chateau is considered a C-Class motorhome it is still much bigger than what most people in the UK are used to. Built on a Ford F-550 SuperDuty chassis, the Chateau is great for those that want to try out a heavy-duty American motorhome but are not quite ready to take on the Tuscany or a toterhome. Depending on the type of model you hire the vehicle will be between 34 ft. 4 in. to 36 ft. 2 in. in length, meaning it’s great for long journeys cross-country. As with most of the motorhomes on this list, the Chateau comes with plenty of sleeping room along with modern accessories such as a fully functioning kitchen, air-con and plenty of storage space.

There is a good reason why so many motorhome enthusiasts always dream of heading to America and driving some of the largest recreational vehicles in the world, as not only are they fun to drive but provide a real sense of luxury. The only question now is which one would you choose?

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