Using Bike at Festival

Getting Ready for Festival Season

So, you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to pick up a ticket for one of the UK festivals this year and, even better, you managed to get yourself a campervan pitch! We’re rapidly getting through March and the summer will soon be upon us; before you know it you’ll be on the M4 to Glastonbury! So, how should you prepare for the festive season!?

Camping Essentials

Though there are an abundance of great food stalls at most festivals, cooking on a camping stove is all a part of the fun. Make sure your stove is running in good order and you’ve got a good few gas canisters to see you through the week. If you’re taking an awning it might be worth buying a cheap spare: the rain and mud can be notorious at these festivals! Also don’t forget to pack a good supply of food to keep you going: we all get peckish after a late night!

Prepare Your Van

It’s not just a case of oiling the engine, filling up the fuel tank and you’re off! You’ll need to pack almost all you need at a festival: if you find yourself in need of brake fluid or screen-wash you might be in trouble! It’s also worth ensuring you have a spare tyre ready to go: broken glass is a sadly common sight at a festival.

Check Your Details

We’ve heard many stories of campers turning up to festivals with the wrong tickets, the wrong dates or even forgetting their tax and motorhome insurance renewal! Don’t let these things stop you enjoying yourself, make sure they’re all in order well before you pull out of the drive!

Festival season will be here very soon so it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to need. Get planning your outfits, tune up the guitar, burn that mix-tape but don’t forget to make sure your van is in good order before you leave!

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