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Have a Staycation and Explore England


This year is supposed to be the most popular year for a staycation. This is due to the Olympics being right around the corner and with the economic climate many are opting to vacation at home. This is a great opportunity to visit all those place in England that you wouldn’t normally visit even though they are right on your doorstep, well depending on where you live! What better way to visit these places than in a motorhome. Make sure you have the appropriate motorhome insurance though as having to pay out for damages whilst on holiday is never the most exciting thing. Here are the top five places to visit in England:


London, of course has to be on this list, it is the capital of the country after all. There are a huge range of things to do and see in this city and at least everyone can name one landmark that is in London. It is also nice to hear that many of these places of interest are free and if you know what you want to see, most of it can be done in a day or two. Although there probably aren’t any campsites in the city centre there are plenty of hotels, so you can park up the van for a night and enjoy a proper shower!

The Lake District

The Lake District is the perfect place for campers. There is some spectacular scenery and what could be better than falling asleep under the stars, well until someone wakes you up and makes you get into bed. The Lake District is home to some of England’s highest mountains and the deepest lakes. This makes it the ideal place for getting back to nature. There are also a range of activities including kayaking and high ride zip wires. For those who like to holiday at a leisurely pace there are nature reserves and historic homes to wander about and there are also summer theatre performances and art festivals.


Oxford is of course famed for its University as it is one of the leading ones in the world. For those who like to experience a bit of architecture then Oxford is the perfect place. Many of the University’s buildings are open to visitors and are well worth the visit. The University of Oxford has the oldest botanic gardens in the country. There are over 7,000 different types of plants in many greenhouses, water and rock gardens.

An event that takes place in Oxford is The Science Oxford Live and this is where many try explaining how science is in our everyday lives. There are also interactive exhibits for young children where they can create their own experiments.


Brighton is stunning and a great place to take a campervan. Although when you are there it is advisable to find a parking space and leave the vehicle their till you are done as parking is at a premium in this town. When visiting Brighton, visiting the Victorian Peer is a must. There are many activities just on the peer, let alone the rest of the beach. There are fairground rides, arcade machines, and many restaurants and bars which the majority of will serve the famous fish and chips.

There are also a range of podcasts which are free and will make sure you see the best bits of Brighton. One of these podcasts is the Royal Pavilion tour which will take you to the seaside palace, built by Prince Regent.

The Cotswolds

This is another great place to take your motorhome or campervan. It is right in the centre of England and there are stunning rolling hills and stone villages embedded in the countryside. The Cotswolds is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and you will understand how many writers and composers were inspired by the landscape. One of the best places to see a great view of the Cotswolds is at Broadway Tower.

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