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How to Make the Most of your Campervan

VW Campervans seem to becoming increasingly popular in recent times, with people all over the UK buying old campers and restoring them to their former glory, but are they really practical or just a big fashion accessory? Of course if you are a surfing fan a Camper is the perfect vehicle for packing up a load of gear, grabbing your friends and heading to the beach. But what about the non surfing Campervan lovers? How can they get use out of a VW Campervan?


One place where we are seeing more and more campervans is at festivals. All around the UK, at different music festivals, people are ditching their small, flimsy tents and instead travelling and staying in a more spacious VW Campervan.

VW Campervans are perfect for music festivals as they provide transport, accommodation and fit in with the general feel and vibe of the events. You can also find some with running water and toilets installed, which will make it a much more comfortable experience! Of course before travelling to a festival in a Campervan you should check that they have parking available for them and that it will be covered by your Campervan Insurance policy.


It may seem odd to some, but more and more people are now using VW Campervans as wedding vehicles! Not only can they create some memorable photos, but they can also add a sense of fun to the arrival and with space for plenty of people they can also be used for transporting guests between venues.

Brides will also be assured of an elegant and easy exit from the vehicle as most Campervans have large open side doors and an easy step down. Of course VW Campervans aren’t to everyone’s taste, but decorated with flowers and ribbons they can look beautiful and will most definitely be a talking point for your guests.

If you intend to use the camper for weddings as a business, this becomes “use for hire or reward”.  Comfort Insurance do not offer cover for this, so if this is something you intend to use the vehicle for you will need to find alternative insurance.


As well as being ideal for the beach, VW Campervans make a great holiday home for staycations all over the UK and even for trips to Europe. They have plenty of room, are accepted by most caravan parks and can be fitted out with a small kitchen area, toilet and living space, although a lot do not come with this as standard.

So there you have it, no longer are VW Campervans the reserve of surfers and beach bums, but are actually becoming more popular and showing up in many different walks of life. If you have a VW Campervan why not tell us how you use yours?

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