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Invest in a Holiday with a Difference

There is no doubt about it; we are living in a changing world. The financial and political turmoil experienced by countries all over the globe in the last couple of years has affected millions of us. It is beyond question that the world has changed dramatically since the credit crunch of 2008 and for those of us in the UK it has had a big impact on how we spend our holidays.

Hot air and empty wallets

Financial constraints have certainly affected the holiday plans of millions, the days of cheap air travel have evaporated quicker than the fuel coming out of a Jumbo Jet and expensive hotels in many cities of the world have made tourists consider just how they want to spend their hard earned cash. Many are now turning to an alternative holiday that can work out as an investment rather than an expense.

In the UK it seems that families are turning to a holiday solution that for many years was thought the preserve of the young and single. Campervan holidays are suddenly all the rage and the beat up bodywork of the old VW vans, now occupied by the young surfing generation are sharing car parks with swish newer models owned by families who know that many campervans and motor caravans hold their value very well.

A new camper van of course does not come cheap and on top of the purchase price comes extras such as road tax, campervan insurance and fuel, however, if the vehicle does hold its value, it can work out a better investment than money lying idle in a bank account that has a very low interest rate.

Freedom of choice

For families who are considering this option, a great way to find out if it really would be money well spent is to first try hiring a motorhome and spending their summer holidays trying it out.

A reputable hire company will organise most things in advance and campervan insurance which is absolutely vital will come as part of the deal. The hire company will give advice on places to stay and instructions on how to operate the more unusual aspects of mobile living. Try before you buy can be good fun and reinforce a decision which will open up a new world of adventure.

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