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Keeping Everyone Happy on a Motorhome Holiday

Going on a family motorhome holidays is nothing new, however it is sometimes difficult to get everyone as enthusiastic about it as you are. There are a variety of reasons why some people fail to get into the spirit of things, and if you don’t address them before you head off they could ruin the entire trip. So here Comfort Insurance looks at how you can keep every member of your family happy on your motorhome holiday:

Young Children

Travelling with young children always comes with its own hardships, as if they are bored, tired, hungry or just in a mischievous mood all hell can break loose in a matter of seconds. Children also have a habit of randomly deciding they don’t want to do something and then sticking to that decision no matter what, and if this is the case with your motorhome holiday you could find your trip being ruined before it’s even begun! If your child doesn’t seem excited about your upcoming trip then try involving them in the planning process a bit more, that way they can get excited about all the activities you’ll do during your holiday. They could even come up with some great ideas that you previously hadn’t thought of!


At a certain age teenagers start to move away from their families and spend more time with their friends, so to them the suggestion of not seeing them for a week or two sounds more like a punishment than a holiday! Luckily, once on the trip they seem to perk up, however don’t be surprised if they still spend a lot of their time on their phone talking to their friends. Even though you would rather them spend their time with you, forcing them to do so will only cause arguments, so make sure you bear with them and allow them to talk to their friends. As a compromise you could ask them to not use their phone during certain parts of the trip, that way you will be able to spend some quality time together.

Extended Family

Seasoned motorhomers know that the motorhome and campervan community are extremely welcoming, which is why they bring their extended family members with them on holiday. Even if your extended family doesn’t own a motorhome there are a number of companies they can rent one from, and you could even help them find a cheap motorhome insurance policy for the trip. The only problem with taking your whole extended family on holiday with you is that it means everyone needs to be well organised, and there will always be one who leaves everything until the last minute! Family arguments can often escalate quickly, especially when it comes to booking holidays, so make sure you start planning well in advance.

The Driver

Everyone, and we mean everyone, has had the argument about driving at one point or another. Whether you are the passenger or the one behind the wheel, things can quickly irritate you and before you know it a massive argument has started. If you are going on a long term motorhome journey it is likely that you and another member, or members, of your family will share the driving, which could lead to none of you talking to each other by the time you get back! This is why you should always make sure you know what each driver’s preferred style is, such as whether they like to navigate themselves of would prefer it to be someone else’s responsibility. You should also come up with rules that you all promise to stick by, such as not commenting on each other’s driving capabilities or distracting each other while behind the wheel!

Going on holiday should be something your whole family enjoys, and if you make a special effort to accommodate everyone this can be achieved. The great thing about everyone being happy is that it means you can relax and enjoy your holiday as well as spend some much needed quality time with your family, which is what a motorhome holiday is all about!

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