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Leasing your Motorhome


There’s nothing more convenient than owning your own motorhome and if you have the cash available, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t. The problem is, work often takes priority over play, and we don’t always get to use our motorhomes as often as we would like. That leaves them sitting on the driveway waiting for retirement or a sunny day. There is, however, another option; you could lease your motorhome short-term.

How does it work?

By contracting out your motorhome to another user, you can let them have use of your motorhome when you’re not, for a fee of course. It can be a great way of bringing in some income or helping to pay off those outstanding payments. You can make sure your motorhome returns to you when you actually want to use it.

Finding a Renter

It’s often difficult to arrange these sorts of deals and so your best bet is almost certainly to use the internet. General advertising sites can be useful, but also think about local forums; here you will find dedicated motorhome users who might know a bit about your vehicle and will certainly look after it.

Contracts and Legal

Whatever arrangement you come up with, remember you need to draw up a proper contract and take a deposit for your motorhome. You will also need to organise your motorhome insurance and it may be that you will have to add named drivers to your insurance, which can cost you or you will need a completely separate policy. Unless you’re letting to trustworthy friends, it’s usually best to keep some legal distance between you and your lessee.

Leasing out your motorhome for the short term can be a fantastic way of making sure it gets used, providing you can find a customer. Certainly don’t bank on finding someone for ten months of the year! Make sure all the legal work is in place before handing over the keys, and last of all, find a price which works for both of you. It’s much more likely to encourage fair leasing.

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