Easter Eggs

Let’s get your motorhome ready for the Easter Holidays!

Even though it feels like Christmas was just five minutes ago, it was actually a surprising 8 weeks ago and we are already in the first half term of the year! With time flying by so quickly, before you know it the Easter holidays will be upon us, which means it’s time for families across the country to jump in their motorhomes and embark on their first holidays of the year.

Here at Comfort Insurance we often provide our readers with tips on how to prep their motorhomes before heading off on a long journey, especially as there are always new tips and tricks to take advantage of. So, with just five weeks to go until spring is officially here and the kids are off from school, what can you do to get your motorhome and your family ready?

1) Get out your calendars, phones and/or diaries

One of the biggest tasks when it comes to organising a holiday with your family is finding a date that suits everyone. As most people looks forward to the Easter holidays, it’s probable that you and other members of your family will start being invited to a whole host of events over the coming weeks.

It’s therefore essential that you book in your holiday sooner rather than later. An easy way to achieve this is to come up with two different options and ask everyone who is attending which one works best for them. This is a particularly handy tip if you are going away with your extended family or another group of friends as it reduces the options to just two.

2) Give your motorhome a spring clean

All puns aside, spring really is the perfect time to give your motorhome a thorough once-over to make sure everything is as it should be. If your motorhome has been off the road for a considerable amount of time, you’ll probably find it needs a proper clean inside and out before you even think about heading off.

Luckily, here at Comfort Insurance we have loads of great tips on how to prep your motorhome if it has been out of use for a while, including online articles on spring cleaning your motorhome, making sure your tyres are in perfect working order, and how to properly clean your motorhome’s upholstery.

3) Start shopping around and be budget-savvy

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that motorhome holidays are extremely popular during the school holidays, which is why most campsites and caravan parks charge more for you to stay there. However, you can often save a considerable amount of money if you do some research before you book your plot.

Firstly, if you already have your dates set out (which thanks to our first tip should be a doddle) then you may be able to benefit from “early-bird” rates if you book within the next couple of days. If, however, you need more time to decide on the dates, you can still save money by comparing prices online in order to make sure that you not only remain within budget but also receive real value for money!

4) Prepare as much as possible over the coming weeks

Ever realised the day before you set off on your holiday that you don’t have a suitable pair of shoes, you’ve run out of medication or that your Sat-Nav is still broken from last year? Rushing around panicking the day before you go on holiday is never fun, which is why it’s always a good idea to prepare in advance so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Over the coming weeks why not start putting certain things you’ll need for your trip to one side, such as walking boots, waterproofs, extra medication, first aid kits and even non-perishable food items that you know you’ll want to take with you.

Don’t forget that you also need to make sure your house is prepared for whilst you are away, which includes making sure the heating and hot water are turned off, all windows and doors are properly locked and and regular deliveries are cancelled. You should also remember to double check your home insurance policy before you go to ensure that you are covered in case anything goes wrong.

Remember, most home insurance policies only cover your home whilst unoccupied up to a certain amount of days in a row. Comfort Insurance provides cover for 180 days in total, however other policies may only provide 30 days or less, so make sure you check before you travel!

We’d love to know your tips and tricks for preparing for the Easter holidays (especially if you know how to get the whole family involved in the cleaning process!) Don’t forget to leave your comments below or visit our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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