Locals Worry about Parking Plans

Locals Worry about Parking Plans

A short while ago you may have noticed a story about car parks in Whitby banning overnight motorhome parking in an attempt to loosen up traffic during busy holiday periods around the town. This caused quite some reaction from the motorhome community and a letter published in the Whitby Gazette last weekend highlights the sort of problems that tighter parking regulations will have on locals as well as holidaymakers.

The Motorhome as a Means of Transport

Though the motorhome is usually seen as a way of taking a holiday, there are plenty of motorhome drivers who take use their motorhome much more frequently. For some it’s a case of keeping the engine running, for others it’s about extra space or the fact that they don’t have a separate, smaller car. It’s much cheaper in terms of tax, maintenance and motorhome insurance to just have one vehicle on the drive. Parking regulations often overlook these local voices.

Late Night Parking

Overnight parking rules often begin around 11pm and start again at around 7am which is prohibitive to many ordinary users of car parks. Especially in large cities, films, theatre shows and restaurants close long after 11pm and many motorhome owners are found having to rush back to move their vehicle before their night is over. Equally, there are plenty who start their days before 7am and need appropriate parking.

Local and National Fears

Whitby is, of course, a particular case where the parking situation is especially difficult. However, there are lots of other areas where this sort of regulation applies and it can be immensely prohibitive to motorhome owners; particularly those who just use their motorhome as a way of getting around. Hopefully the worries raised by locals in Whitby will influence other decisions around the country.

Parking is going to be an ongoing issue for much of the motorhome community over the coming years, so make sure your voices are heard! Overnight parking is a valuable option for the motorhome driver so let’s keep car parks available for all.

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