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Long-Term Touring

calendarIt’s Monday again and we know that most of you are probably thinking about getting back out on the road and taking some serious time out with your motorhome and the ones you love. Of course, the reality for a lot of us is that taking six weeks or more out of work or away from the family would be impossible, but with a bit of careful thought and a generous boss, long-term touring is a real possibility. Here’s a quick guide to spending a month or more on the road…

Put Your Mind at Ease

Leaving the gas on is the least of your worries if you’re going away for a long time so make sure you have someone to come in and check on your home periodically so you know all is well. Equally, set aside time to take all those little things off your mind before you leave: pay the gas bill, get the MOT done and make sure your motorhome insurance is not up for renewal. This will save you that moment of horror when you realise the credit card hasn’t been paid.

Don’t Cut Yourself Off

There’s a great romance to disconnecting yourself from the world, but there’s really no need to. A laptop is a swift and easy solution to so many problems and, though we hate to admit it, just being able to check your email periodically can assure you nothing is wrong. Equally, homesickness can affect all of us, so make sure you have a way to get in touch with loved ones.

Plan to be Flexible

If someone asked you for an itinerary for your next six weeks at home, you probably couldn’t do it. There’s no reason why this should change when you’re travelling. Expect to have days where you have no plans and expect the plans you have made to change. Make sure you pack for a variety of different weather conditions and remember you can always pick up supplies as and when required: carrying six week’s worth of food with you won’t do anything for your fuel efficiency or your culinary enthusiasm!

Long term touring can seem a bit daunting if it’s something you’ve not done before, but remember: it’s called a motorhome for a reason. It’s home, just on wheels!

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