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Making your Motorhome Holiday as Comfortable as Possible


When it comes to going a motorhome holiday some may be put off by the idea of being in one small space with their family for a long period of time. However, one of the key things to ensuring that your family gets along whilst you are away is to make the motorhome is as comfortable for everyone as possible. This way, in theory, there shouldn’t be any arguments!

One of things that you need to consider when buying a motorhome in the first place is the comfort of the vehicle. Ok, so it might not be high up on the priority list but it has to be there somewhere. You don’t want to spend thousands of pounds on a state of the art motorhome only to find it has hard seats that just aren’t comfortable to spend a journey sitting on. Ensure that you are going to be relaxed while driving as changing the seats is not an easy job. Although if you do end up in this situation you can always purchase some outdoor seat cushions which should help soften up your chair.

Duvets and Blankets

Making it a home away from home may be one of the best solutions so get in some big duvets and fluffy pillows for the beds. Also some great little cushions for the sofa during the day might be a good idea to make the space feel a little more personal. If you are going away for the summer big duvets are probably not the best solution but you could invest in some throws, blankets or some spare sheets. This way you can still feel cool and be surrounded by the same things you would have in your home.


Having a TV somewhere in the motorhome could be the best investment you make after buying the motorhome of course! Stock up on DVD’s before you leave and a movie night could be on the cards. If not it is always a good source of entertainment if the weather isn’t so great.

Toys and Games

If there is enough storage space packing some extra toys and games is also a good idea. Some campsites may not have entertainment and the activities can become a little expensive, especially if you are at the same site for your whole holiday. Packing a board game or a football is a cheaper alternative and great for some family bonding


If you think you are going to be using your motorhome during the summer for the majority of the summer you should look into motorhomes that have an awning. This way if you do want to have a BBQ or set up a table and chairs outside, you have a little protection from the weather if the temperature does start to drop.


As everyone tends to be in the same space in a motorhome it is also a good idea to invest in some mountain bikes. This way the children can cycle around till they are ready for dinner (or one of them has fallen off!) and you can have a break. This time actually may be the best thing for your holiday as everyone can let off some steam and still enjoy everyone’s company.

Protecting your Creature Comforts

Do remember that if you are going to be adding all these valuables into your motorhome you should invest in an alarm and possibly a tracking device. This means that if your vehicle is stolen there is a good chance the vehicle can be traced. In the worst cases, if your vehicle is broken into you want the thief to be scared off from the alarm which should help protect your belongings. It is also important to ensure that your motorhome is covered with motorhome insurance. This way you won’t have to pay out, only the excess, to recover all of your possessions. On top of this, having an alarm and a tracking device fitted to the vehicle will reduce the premium you pay for your insurance anyway.

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