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Minimising your Motorhome Paperwork

It’s pretty safe to assume that, whether you drive a motorhome or a campervan, you didn’t get into it for the paperwork! The hassle of filling out forms is something that affects most of us all day at work and then when we get home we want to forget about signing and filing. However, there is a certain amount of paperwork that does have to be undertaken for the regular motorhome owner, but here are a few tips on how to make sure that whatever paperwork you have to do, you only have to do it once!

MOT, Licenses, Insurance and Tax

There isn’t a motorhome on the road that doesn’t have to fill out at least a little paperwork when it comes to the MOT, your license, your motorhome insurance or your tax. Completion of these elements is legally required so make sure you not only do them on time, but you file them and keep any documentation relating to them – you may be asked to prove them at a later date.

Remembering your Details

One of the biggest headaches with excess admin is the time spent finding lost information. Internet logins to the DVLA or HMRC site are one of the most common causes of lost time so make sure you write them down! Whatever system you use to file your important motorhome documents, too, make sure it’s properly backed up.

The Order of Play

Finally, though all your important documents will fall due at different points of the year, remember that there is a proper order to do them in! You need your license before you’ll be able to get your motorhome insurance and without that you won’t get an MOT or tax disc. There’s not much point applying for a tax disc if you’ve lost your license details – safe yourself time by getting them back first!

A good filing system might take you some time to get right but once it’s done, it’s out of the way for the rest of the year. Remember to keep all your confidential information safe and filed away if it’s on paper or encrypted if you’re storing data online.

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