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Top tips for new motorhome owners

Buying a new motorhome is an exciting experience, presaging years of fabulous travel to far flung places. But new owners should not let the novelty of having a spanking new motorhome be spoilt by having an accident shortly after purchase.

The vast majority of motorhome claims arise from drivers having minor mishaps with immovable objects such as walls, gateposts and bollards, due to the length and depth of motorhomes and limited field vision.

Reversing such a large vehicle can be a problem for inexperienced drivers, but the advent of reversing cameras has done much to reduce claims in this area and Comfort Insurance gives a discount for owners installing one.

Another source of claims is theft, particularly of items which have not been stored away properly. Just as when leaving a car unattended, it is essential that motorhome owners lock away personal possessions and never leave an invitation to theft by leaving items on display.

Other than that, third party claims involving other vehicles occur just as with ordinary vehicles, although given the size and weight of a motorhome, the collateral damage may be greater. Claims also arise due to stones and chips damaging windscreens.

But surprisingly, the incidence of claims by new motorhome owners is no higher than for experienced drivers. Richard Brewster of Comfort Insurance says: “Minor mishaps usually occur due to a moment’s inattention, rather than inexperience.”

That said, some manufacturers run courses to help new owners to familiarise themselves with the greater width and length of motorhomes.

Since the early 1990s, you are required to take an extended driving test if you own a vehicle weighing 3.5 tons or more anyway, but doing a beginner’s course clearly won’t do you any harm if your vehicle weighs less than that.

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