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Motorhome Batteries

Whoever invented the automobile battery did an excellent job and the system really is very clever. The idea that running the engine or a vehicle could recharge the batteries and provide low voltage energy to all kinds of fixtures really changed the way we think about motor travel and brought a whole new dimension of luxury to both everyday vehicles and motorhomes.

Battery Problems

The only flaw in the system is that it is not always well understood and plenty of motorhome users forget that batteries will lose their charge if not properly looked after. A dead battery is not only completely useless, but often will need to be replaced. How can you make sure your battery is always in good condition?

Running the Engine

It sounds simple but if you’ve been using the stereo, headlights or air-conditioning for a long period of time without turning the ignition then your battery will have used up charge without being recharged. The best remedy for this is simply to run the engine for five minutes or so and you’ll find your battery charges very quickly.

Battery Problems in Storage

A common complaint is that motorhome batteries run dead just on their own and if you’ve left your motorhome in storage over the winter it will have lost some of its charge. There is a very low maintenance remedy to this, though; a small gadget called a Smart Battery Alert fits across the terminals of your battery snugly and measures the voltage. If this drops below a minimum level it issues a warning and continues to beep until the battery is recharged.

If you think your battery might need replacing before its time you should call your motorhome insurance provider – they might be able to help with the cost of replacement. Otherwise, keep the engine ticking over and watch out for periods when your motorhome is in storage, it’s not uncommon for batteries to go completely dead over a winter – check before you travel.

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