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Motorhome Reversing Sensors

Some of us are better at parking than others, there’s no doubt about it. Some people can nip into any space in no time at all but for others the pressure of a big vehicle and oncoming traffic are a little overwhelming. Nowadays, though, there are all sorts of gadgets to help you get the parking spot you want and to help you get in safely and securely. Reversing sensors are one of the most common, so how do they work?

Parking Safely

As you enter into your parking spot, your reversing sensors send out a signal backwards and, in some of the more hi-tech models, sideways. As this signal reflects back off whatever surface you’re close to, clever gadgetry means your sensors can calculate the space between your motorhome and, say, the car behind. Usually sensors emit a tone which increases in frequency the closer you get. Once the beep becomes constant, you know you’re close enough and, hopefully, in the right spot.

Fitting Sensors

Many new motorhomes have integrated reversing systems, but if yours hasn’t then it’s reasonably easy to fit one. You can buy a variety of systems that range from £20 up to £200 and more, but they usually come with a selection of sensors and a dashboard mounted receiver. Some systems will display a figure for the distance you have remaining. Be sure to follow the instructions closely and test your system before you use it on the road – an ill fitted system is very, very dangerous.

Saving you Money

Sensor systems don’t only help you on a practical level, many motorhome insurance companies really value the extra safety that parking sensors offer and will be prepared to offer you a discount on your premium if you fit the right system. If you find the right motorhome insurance quote, it might even mean your reversing sensors pay for themselves with the money you’ve saved.

If you’re someone who’s had a few parking incidents in the past then reversing sensors are definitely worth some consideration. Most types are easy to fit and, you never know, you may be able to save yourself some money!

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