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Motorhome Holidays becoming Increasingly Popular

Here at Comfort Insurance we are happy to see that now summer is here there has been an influx of families planning holidays in their motorhomes. Over the years there has been a notable increase in people going on motorhome holidays as not only are they cheaper than traditional holidays which involve flights and hotels, but they are also much more flexible. In fact, in a recent article for the Bristol Post a couple discussed how much they enjoy their motorhome holidays and why they would never go back.

Sara and Alan Jones from Bradley Stokes have been going on motorhome holidays for the past two years now and have previously owned a campervan. Discussing why she loves her motorhome so much, Sara told the Bristol Post: “The main reason we have it is that we love the outdoors and it means we spend quality family time together as there are no TVs, work or internet to distract us. It’s a much cheaper way of having a three-week holiday and our boys love it.

“With holidays being so expensive in school holidays, many people are resorting to motorhomes and caravans to get away in a cheaper yet still comfortable way in my opinion. Plus, the children love it. They get to be outdoors all day, and sleeping in the same space as parents is something they get very excited by. And there are no chores for me.”

Mike also lives in the Bristol area and has two young children, yet he claims that going away in a motorhome is ideal for them all. He added: “We go on holiday in France and tend to book somewhere to stay on the first and last night and make it up as we go along in between. I have two kids aged 12 and nine and they absolutely love it. They love the freedom. We pull up, kick them out so they can play in the fields and then have a barbecue at night.”

However, Mike also said that he has encountered issues while travelling in a motorhome in the UK as we are not as accommodating as other countries. He added: “At the moment in this country you really need to go to sites with your motorhome. In France for instance – mostly because they have three times as much space – there are thousands of ‘Aires’ which are small areas with water and electricity where people can stay overnight for free or next to nothing. It is because the local government encourage that way of travelling so there are far more facilities.

“Spain, Germany and Holland are all very similar. They are very geared up for it. There is a movement for it in Britain at the moment, and they are having some success in Scotland. There are exceptions where you can stay for next to nothing in some areas of Devon but it is usually a cordoned-off area of a car park.” Matt Hunt, who works at the Family Travel Centre in Brislington, told the Bristol Post that he has noticed an increase in business over the years and talked about the reasons behind setting up his company.

He said: “We set it up because we felt there was a gap in the market in this area given the staycation trend. A couple of years ago there was the Icelandic ash cloud and other natural phenomenon that drove people away from planes and the rise in taxes on travel fares didn’t help either. It limits what people can do and the hassle of travelling with young children at airports puts people off. There is a lot of places in this country that people have not seen. It used to be easy to go abroad but now that is changing people are realising there is a lot on offer here.

“It is a different way and more flexible way of experiencing a holiday. If you go to one place and don’t like it then you can move on, that’s the beauty of it.” As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why so many people are now choosing to go on motorhome holidays both here and abroad. If you are thinking of going on a motorhome holiday this year make sure you read our Motorhome Family Blog for some great tips and don’t forget to get a motorhome insurance quote with us before you go!

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