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Go Wild (Camping) in your Motorhome this Summer!

Over the past few years traditional camping has evolved into what is commonly called ‘glamping’ – glamourous camping where you sleep outdoors yet still have all the amenities you have at home. As a motorhome owner the idea of glamping probably amuses you as you have been camping in style for years, however there is a new trend appearing that you may not have heard of: wild camping. Wild camping is perfect for those that want to do something a little bit more adventurous in their motorhomes this summer, and here Comfort Insurance shows you how:

What is ‘Wild Camping’?

Wild camping is basically what it says on the tin: heading out into the wilderness or uncharted territories to camp for a certain period of time. Unlike regular camping, wild camping means heading away from tourist attractions with amenities such as electricity and running water and instead truly getting back to nature. Wild camping is becoming increasingly popular with motorhome owners who are tired of going to the same old camp sites year after year and would rather travel the world. Due to the nature of wild camping, those that embark on a trip usually do so in small groups or alone, as the whole point of the journey is to do something new and spontaneous.

Is Wild Camping Legal?

This is one of the biggest issues with wild camping – you’re not always sure whether you are parked somewhere legally or not. In the UK it is likely that even if you find a field or piece of countryside in the middle of nowhere it will still be owned by an individual, the National Trust or a local council, which means that camping there will not be legal unless stated otherwise. In order to find wild areas where it is legal for you to camp try going online and visiting specialist motorhome forums or websites dedicated to wild camping in the UK. If you are planning on going to other countries you may also want to ask around to find out the laws concerning wild camping in certain areas, otherwise you could find yourself in trouble!

Safety and Wild Camping

Even though most people enjoy the sense of danger associated with wild camping you still need to be careful as if you are injured in the middle of nowhere you may not be able to get help. This is why you should always make sure you pack essentials such as first aid and breakdown kits to help you should you find yourself in a difficult situation. Don’t forget to also make sure that you advise your friends and family the area in which you are planning to travel, especially if it is unlikely that you will have mobile phone signal out there. That way, if you go missing they will be able to let the emergency services know where to look for you and send help.

Getting Back to Nature

The best part of wild camping is that you can truly get back to nature unlike if you stay in a campsite or caravan park. However, this means that you need to respect the area around you and not leave any rubbish or waste that could potentially harm the environment. If you are particularly keen to live ‘wild’ then you may even want to camp outside your motorhome for a night or two in order to really appreciate your surroundings. If this is the case make sure you lock up everything before you head off as the last thing you want to find when you return is that your motorhome has been broken into or stolen – even if your motorhome insurance covers it.

Wild camping is one of the newest and most exciting trends there is in the motorhome world right now, so if you are looking for something new to do it could be just the thing! However, you must always remember to respect the areas that you travel to so that they can also be used and enjoyed by others in the future.


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