Motorhome Owner Shocked by IKEA Car Park Policy

Motorists who drive vehicles typically covered with campervan or motorhome insurance may be in for a shock when they visit famous furniture store IKEA if the experience of campervan owner Luke Massey is anything to go by.

Luke, who has owned a mobile home for many years was left dumbfounded when he was stopped at the entrance to the Croydon IKEA store by a security guard asking him if he was a Gypsy. They were not allowed into the car park until the guard was satisfied they were not Gypsy’s and the security firm were unrepentant about their attitude saying they have been advised to ensure no Gypsy’s were allowed to park up in the IKEA enclosure. Mr Massey complained to IKEA that they were racially profiling their customers which he objected to, and said he was disgusted that security guards should think everyone who drove a mobile home could be a Gypsy.

The Store Manager, Garry Deakin, tried to explain the store’s policy, commenting “Over recent months the travelling community in the Croydon area have been attempting to access the customer car park to set up their mobile homes, which not only has an impact on our customers’ shopping experience, but also poses a health and safety risk due to the build-up of human and animal waste. After discussions with both the local traveller liaison officer and Croydon Council, IKEA Croydon implemented preventative procedures to secure the car park, including a security officer to patrol the entry to the car park to prevent the mobile homes entering the car park.”

Campervan and motorhome owners will still find security guards patrolling the IKEA car park and should be aware that they may be stopped when they try and enter.

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