cleaning a motorhome

Motorhome Maintenance


Buying a motorhome is expensive especially when there are extra that go along with them such as motorhome insurance. This means taking care of your investment is essential so you don’t have to forking out money unnecessarily. Maintaining your motorhome can be done in any season so by just doing a few simple checks you could save a lot of time and money.


Before you leave on your holiday, make sure your motorhome has had a service. For the best results go to a garage that are specialists to make sure all the necessary checks are carried out and repairs are completed to a high standard.

Tyres should be checked before driving anywhere because if the motorhome has been still for a while then there may be cracks in the tyre walls. In your motorhome handbook there should be the correct pressure that the tyres should be at. Also double check the spare tyre pressure to as this is often forgotten.


Make sure you check your battery before travelling long distances as there is nothing worse than being stranded half way to your holiday. Having working lights is also an essential, not just for the safety of the people in your motorhome but for the safety of others on the road. Check fuses as well as bulbs. Stale fuel can stop your motorhome starting so make sure you turn they key a couple of days before you plan to go away just to double check it is in working order.


Just by giving your motorhome a good old hose down, this will make sure the outside is a little more protected from the elements. Eventually the bodywork may rust so by keeping it clean you are prolonging this from happening. Also make sure you have washed out the fridge. This stops any bacteria building up and also eliminates smells.

Water System

Inside your motorhome handbook there should be a list of chemicals that are safe to use in the water system. Flush out and sterilise your water system before you use it again because bacteria can build up or there could be a blockage occurring. These are things you don’t want to deal with while you are on holiday so make sure you have prevented them before hand.

These steps will help minimise repairs that will need doing, and although you have to spend a little time doing them, it is a lot quicker and cheaper than waiting for the repairs to be done by someone else.

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