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Motorhome Owners Warned Over May-Day Thefts

May-day weekend is one of the most popular weekends for motorhome owners to shake off the winter blues and get out on the road and enjoy two or three days or solid relaxation. For most, the May bank holiday is about staying local, keeping things simple and heading towards the coast or the lakes, spending some quality time with the family and returning to work feeling refreshed and ready for the summer.

However even with as much promise May-day weekend has, it’s also one of the most notorious weekends for thefts relating to motorhomes and campervans. Thieves know that many people tend to go away for the weekend and target non-local motorhomes in touristy areas. More often than not, the thefts are limited to break-ins, but this can be more than enough to spoil your weekend.

Equally, those who go away abroad for the weekend and leave their motorhomes behind are often targeted. It doesn’t take long for a group of well organised criminals to break into your motorhome, get the engine running and drive away. The development of new tools like Google Earth also makes this considerably easier for tech-savvy thieves to target unsuspecting motorhome owners.

So, our advice if you’re planning on may bank holiday weekend is don’t leave any valuables in your motorhome at all, make sure everything is securely locked away and, if possible, don’t leave your motorhome parked on the street or in a public area. Though you should be more secure on a campsite, you can never be certain, so it’s wise to set any alarms you have just in case.

Equally, the increased risk of you having to make a claim over the May bank holiday weekend means you should carry your motorhome insurance details with you in your motorhome. A quick call can very often be all you need to get back up on the road again, so don’t find yourself caught out.

If you’re getting prepared for a trip the weekend after next, make sure you’ve got security on your mind. Don’t let thieves spoil what looks as if it’s going to be a sunny and warm start to the summer.

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