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Motorhome Safety and Seat-belts

For a certain generation, wearing a seatbelt when getting in a car, motorhome or bus is a habit and you wouldn’t dream of driving off without one. However, according to figures released a week or so ago by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, almost 5% of the motorhome driving population are still cruising around without a seatbelt. These figures improve slightly for front seat passengers, but for those in the back the story remains the same.

Injuries Directly Related to Seat-belts Wear

In the UK every year there are over 220 incidents where the injured party was hurt or, tragically, killed from not wearing a seatbelt. The safety improvements demonstrated by seatbelt wear are absolutely vast and it’s not an exaggeration to say that a seatbelt may well save your life. Furthermore, if you are injured and not wearing a seatbelt, it will be very difficult indeed to claim damages on your motorhome insurance policy.

Specific Attention to Rear Seat-belts

Though the most direct danger is to those in the front of the van, those in the back are less likely to be wearing seat-belts and can be just as easily injured. It’s vital to make sure that any rear passengers are properly belted up and it is considered the driver’s responsibility to do so if these passengers are below the age of 18.

Reversing and Seat-belt Sensors

For many of us, reversing involves removing your seat-belt to ensure the proper view. This is fine, so long as you get into the habit of putting your seat-belt back on when putting the vehicle into first gear. If you’re a little forgetful when it comes to this, why not think about putting a seatbelt sensor into the vehicle: this will make an irritating beep every time you drive off, ensuring you belt up in time!

Wearing a seatbelt is such an easy thing to do but if you’re not in the habit it is easy to forget. Make sure you are belting up for every journey: it’s not worth being one of those statistics.

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