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Motorhome sales increase in America

It has been reported today that the sales of motorhomes has increased dramatically in the USA, which could indicate that the recession in America is starting to recede. Last year, the deliveries of motorhomes from manufacturers to dealers increased by over thirteen per cent, and according to reports published by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, it is expected to increase by the same amount yet again this year.

Motorhomes generally cost around one hundred thousand dollars in America, and when the recession first hit many people stopped investing in the vehicles due to a lack of disposable income, which eventually led to many manufacturers going out of business. Now, companies have reported that business is on the up, and some have even claimed that their share prices have doubled within the past twelve months. One way that motorhome companies have marketed themselves to the public is by creating new technologies that make their models more fuel efficient and affordable, such as designing models that provide a decent amount of miles per gallon.

Manufacturer Fleetwood, who was bought by a private-equity firm after declaring bankruptcy a few years ago, is pleased to hear that the industry may be improving, with CEO John Draheim saying: “We have seen notable growth over the past six months. Motor homes sales continue to gain momentum, which makes us optimistic about what the traditional spring – and summer-selling seasons will bring.” Meanwhile, Ford have announced that they will be increasing the production of chassis by thirty five per cent in order to meet demand, with its vice president Ken Czubay saying: “We are increasing our participation in this industry as motor home customers return to the market.”

The industry is also planning on luring new customers by lowering the price of vehicles that are of good quality, such as Winnebago who introduced their Vista model last summer for just £69,000, which is thirty thousand pounds less than most motorhomes. Furthermore, more motorhomes are being installed with new technologies as standard such as flat-screen televisions, high speed Wi-Fi connectivity and LED interior lighting. Motorhome insurance providers are also offering cheap cover for customers who want to save money but also stay safe on the road, meaning that even the costs of running the vehicle can be lower than initially thought.

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