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Motorhome Thefts on the Rise

An article published in the New Zealand Herald the other day might have caught your eye when it popped up in your news feed, as the New Zealand authorities have issued a warning to European visitors that motorhome and campervan theft is on the rise. The main tourist areas on both islands are the most severely affected areas. What can you do to protect yourself against theft?

Contents Theft

Some criminals have no interest in your vehicle and are only after what’s inside. That might include the obvious things like jewellery, wallets, phones and laptops, and it definitely doesn’t exclude things like campervan radios or electronic equipment. Locking away anything worth stealing really improves your chances of not being targeted, but if it’s something you really can’t afford to lose (like a camera SD card) then you should keep it on your person at all times.

Vehicle Theft

On the other hand, some criminals are interested in taking your vehicle, selling it on and making a very quick profit. This is much rarer but can be devastating if it affects you. Things like steering locks and central security systems are well worth investing in and many vehicle owners are now turning to the ‘black box’ which is able to track the position of your vehicle using GPS at any time.

Financial Protection

The simplest thing you can do to protect yourself is to invest motorhome insurance that keeps you covered in the event of vehicle or contents theft. Check your policy carefully and make sure you are covered appropriately. It’s worth taking out a good travel insurance policy to back you up on this one, too.

Theft is one of the most frustrating things for a motorhome or campervan owner to have to deal with, especially if it ruins your once-in-a-lifetime holiday to New Zealand. Keep your vehicle secure and don’t take any risks; make sure you find yourself a good level of cover.

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