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Travelling with Bikes in your Motorhome

Whether it’s the successes of British cyclists in events like the Tour de France, people trying to cut down on travel costs in the recession or a renewed environmentally friendly buzz, something has got Britain out on its bike and cycling is taking over the country! Naturally, a motorhome or campervan is a great compliment to cycling and it allows you to explore new terrain and travel to different places with your bikes in tow.

Racks or Mounts?

There are a hundred different ways of getting your bike on (or in) your motorhome. Bike racks which attach to your rear door can be the most effective and are easy to affix, but some people prefer to keep their bikes on the roof to avoid blocking the door. If you want to keep your bikes in your campervan then you need to make sure they are properly secured on mounts and are not likely to come loose in the event of an accident.


You’d be amazed at what some bikes can fetch on eBay and thieves are very clued in to this. The problem is that the often cheapest models are sometimes the flashiest and can tempt thieves, so whatever price range your bike is in, make sure you get a good lock for when you’re out and about and always store them behind a locked door when you’re camped. Check, too, that your motorhome insurance covers your bikes.

Safety Concerns

The biggest thing to watch out for when transporting bikes is height restrictions. You would not believe the number of drivers who forget they have bikes mounted on their roof and end up pulling their racks clean off their roof, damaging both bikes and motorhome. Remember that even if your bikes are flat they are likely to add a foot or so to your height clearance. Always check your bikes are full secured too, your bikes will add a lot of drag to your vehicle and they take a lot of force; it’s more likely than you think for things to come loose on the road.

Bikes are great for campers and there’s some great roads and terrain to explore both in the UK and abroad. If you take a few precautions and look into the safest way of getting your bikes about then you’re in for a few very good trips!

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