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Motorhome Top Tips: Ideas for a Rainy Day

There’s one thing that can spoil a holiday like no other: rain. Bad weather can turn what should be a leisurely week sitting on the beach, enjoying the barbecue or getting out and enjoying some hiking, into a tedious and difficult trip away from home. Unfortunately, there can’t be any planning for the weather and most holidays will be interrupted by showers at some point along the way. So, to help you make sure your holiday doesn’t turn out damp, here are a few tips for surviving rainy days in your motorhome.

Make Yourself Room

One of the worst parts of a rainy day is not being able to go and get some fresh air, leaving you cooped up in what might be not very much space at all. By investing in an awning you can open up your motorhome and still keep things dry; it’s a great place for sitting and enjoying a book, eating or even just storing damp clothes. Though you should be careful not to leave anything expensive sitting in your awning – it might not be covered on your motorhome insurance.

Get Cooking

If you can bear a trip to the local shops, cooking is a fantastic way to pass the rainy days and great if you have little ones too. With a reasonable sized oven you can get quite creative with the food you’re preparing and long, slow cooked meals always go down a treat at the end of a hard day. Baking too is perfect for getting young ones involved, and even if they’re not keen to help with the preparation, they’ll certainly get stuck in with eating! Explore in the Dry Depending on where you’re camping, it’s important to still try to get out and about at some point. Local museums and art galleries are a good starting point but aren’t always to everyone’s taste. What can be really nice is just to sit back and relax in a little cafe; it’s something that we all enjoy but seldom get the time to do. Take a book, get comfortable and get stuck in!

Embrace Technology

Getting away is about doing what you wouldn’t normally do, right? Well, to an extent that’s true, but if you normally get on well and tensions are running high then sometimes the best thing to do can be to purchase a box of chocolates and stick a film on your laptop or TV. It’s easy to see it as admitting defeat but there’s no need to: holidays are about enjoying yourself, there’s no pressure to get out!

Take a Drive

If you’re feeling curious why not go and take a drive on a road you’ve never been before. Not only might you drive yourself out of the bad weather system, you might end up discovering a new little town, a beautiful stretch of countryside or even just a nice place to grab some food in the evening. Rain doesn’t need to restrict you; you just need to make use of it.

Rediscover Your Creativity

A rainy motorhome trip can actually be the perfect opportunity to rediscover that spark of creativity you once had. Why not stick your old painting set in the back or perhaps just a notebook and a nice pen? While you’ve got time to try these things you should absolutely take the opportunity – you never know what talents you might end up discovering!

Go and Get Soaked

It’s not everyone’s idea of fun, but sometimes it’s brilliant to just go and lose yourself in the rain. Whether it’s it’s swimming in the sea, getting drenched on a cycle ride or braving the cold just so you can go and warm up in the local pup, getting really really wet can be great fun! Just make sure your clothing is adequate enough to keep you warm for the time you’ll be out for and be careful of stormy days; rain is one thing but lightning and hail are another.

Rainy days are disappointing but they can actually be really memorable if you take the opportunity to use them within the restrictions you have. It’s good to have a balance of going out and exploring and taking some time to just enjoy relaxing – it’s the best way to balance the demands of wanting to experience new things while you’re away from home, but also not stressing over trying to occupy yourself for too long.

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