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Motorhome Travel over the Christmas Period!

It’s Christmas Eve, the carol singers are out on the streets, the church bells are starting to ring and the snow, if it’s not falling already where you are, is due pretty soon! We’ve had a fantastic year here at Comfort Insurance and, hopefully, yours will be coming to a close with friends and family wherever you are. But, just because it’s Christmas, if you’re thinking of travelling you still need to keep safe! Here’s our guide to making the most out of your Christmas travel…

Be Well Prepared

Santa takes a whole year to get himself ready for Christmas eve, so expecting to be ready if you start preparing an hour before you’re due to travel just won’t happen! Make sure you have enough fuel, well pumped up tyres, a route to follow and, of course, enough room to pack the presents!

Keep in Touch

If you’re expected by friends and family at a certain hour and you have a breakdown or an accident, they will want to know. Ensure you have a mobile phone that is well charged up and you have the details of your motorhome insurance provider on hand and ready to go. Breakdown services can be incredibly quick if you have the right information available, so even an engine failure is no excuse to miss Christmas Day.

Enjoy Your Trip

One of the great things about Christmas is that a four or five hour road trip can be made magical by a few little Christmassy touches. Get that outdated Christmas CD on the stereo, hang a little tinsel in the cab and bring a few mince pies and a flask of spicy hot chocolate for the journey. It’ll all help to keep you warm and ready for festivities!

We wish you the happiest festive season from all of us here at Comfort Insurance, we hope next year will be as great as the last and whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, travel safe and have a very Merry Christmas!

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