Family with Motorhome

Motorhomes and Kids

Motorhome Family HolidayCaravans, campervans or motorhomes can be fantastic for a family holiday and kids really do enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. Of course, there are some elements of camping that aren’t particularly child friendly and it can take a bit of planning to make sure your family holiday is as memorable as you want it to be.

Child-friendly campsites

A campsite with a play area, perhaps a kids club and a few amenities to keep children amused can be really useful – though long strolls along the coast and quiet afternoons in an art gallery might suit you, they’re not likely to amuse the young ones much! If you intend to take some time out to do adult activates make sure you find a campsite with a good crèche, it’s a great opportunity for your children to meet other kids too.

Contingency plans

Rain is something of a feature of UK holidays so be sure to have a back-up plan. Try and find a few things that might keep the children happy – perhaps an indoor swimming pool or a nearby cinema – that can rescue your holiday if the weather doesn’t go to plan. Equally, a good supply of board games is a must.

Babies and campervans

It’s just as easy to take very young ones away with a campervan and it can be good to have a few home-comforts on hand. You’ll need to check the safety regulations for travelling with babies, however, and make sure you motorhome insurance keeps all of your occupants covered. Think, also if you’re cot or pushchair how you can store then efficiently and safely with the space you have available.

The motorhome is perfect for the family holiday but there’s plenty of scope for things to not quite go to plan. Investigate your destination before you go and plan for the rain; you won’t be disappointed then if it does come!

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