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Motorhomes attracting those wanting a staycation

A report out earlier this week from a leading camping and caravanning organisation suggests the staycation is becoming even more popular. Motorhome and campervan insurance providers are becoming busier than ever as mobile homes are becoming the transport of choice for those wanting to stay in the UK while on holiday.

A motorhome holiday is one of the best family holiday experiences anyone can ever have. However, there are a few important things to bear in mind before setting off to explore. Firstly plan the journey before you go. Do not assume it will be easy to see an array of places in a week, instead by choosing a few areas of interest it is possible to get more out of the holiday. Planning also allows mobile home owners to move from campsite to campsite so less time is spent on the road. Another way of reducing the stress levels is to book the first few nights at a campsite well in advance. The last couple of weeks of improved weather has seen some campsites get full very quickly so knowing your first stop is arranged will ease some of the stress. Campsites throughout the UK turn away motorhome owners on a daily basis in the summer months because they are turning up without securing a booking first.

Motorhoming does not come cheap with the average price being in the region of £30,000 to £40,000. However, people are starting to look at it as an investment and they take into account the cost of holidays over 10 years or more which then makes it good value for money. Also there is a very strong second hand market where a bargain can be picked up for around £10,000. Packing also needs to be given a great deal of thought as a 3 day motorhome holiday in Scotland will be very different to a 14 day holiday and the needs for a 30 day holiday will be significantly greater.

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