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Motorhomes on the Motorway

Most motorhome owners do the majority of their driving on the motorway. Wide lanes, three or four carriageways and generous speed limits mean that motorways are the most efficient, safest and quickest way of getting more or less anywhere in the UK. Because motorways are such a default option for a lot of drivers, it’s easy to forget that motorway driving can be a challenge and at times very dangerous – here are a few tips to turn you into a better motorway driver.


The most nerve-racking bit of any motorway is the slip road on and lots of drivers fail to do it properly. Use all of the slip road to accumulate a good, steady speed which will allow you to seamlessly join the first lane of traffic. You’ll need to squeeze into a gap somewhere, but be clear and confident about your space. From the other side, if you’re someone who’s on the motorway, move over into the middle lane to allow drivers who are entering to do so safely.


In the UK we get a lot more heavy wind than mainland Europe and in a motorhome you’ll feel it more than any other driver on the road. The simple equation is that if there are high winds you will wobble more at high speeds so don’t be afraid to take five or ten miles an hour off your speed. Equally, be mindful of cross winds when changing lanes, as a wider vehicle it’s really important to be clear which line you intend to take and don’t leave other drivers guessing.

Accidents and Breakdowns

Accidents do happen on the road and with a good motorhome insurance policy you should be able to recover any damages that were not your fault. Never stay in your vehicle on the road and, where possible, pull over onto a hard shoulder or, better still, a service station and call for help. Equally, if you can feel something starting to go wrong don’t keep pushing on – stop and investigate when it’s safe to do so.

Motorways driving is easy when things are going well, but people forget about the basics all too easily. Don’t ever be afraid to drop your speed and stay in the left hand lane – as a motorhome driver you are in control of one of the larger vehicles on the road and so you have a greater responsibility to ensure you’re driving safely.

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