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New Motorhomes on the Horizon

It’s always great news to hear that motorhome manufacturers are producing innovative vehicles that makes use of all the technology available to the motorhome industry, especially for motorhome enthusiasts. Furthermore, the increased design and production of new motorhomes is a great signal that the UK economy may be on the mend, as it means that members of the public have more disposable income to spend on leisure vehicles and holidays.

Last year, Volkswagen released a motorhome with an unprecedented design – a converted Transporter that looked like a normal van until an electrically extendable pod emerges from the rear which houses part of the living area in the vehicle. Volkswagen aptly named their new vehicle the “DoubleBack”, with the ‘living room’ in the regular back part of the vehicle, and the sleeping area being in the extended part of the vehicle. The creators of the campervan said that it represents the: “first true innovation in the market since the advent of the elevating roof over 30 years ago”.

Meanwhile, the founder of the company which manufacturers the vehicle, Craig McCormack, said: “The DoubleBack has been inspired by a desire to see a truly spacious, comfortable camper with all the practical advantages of a smaller vehicle.” The DoubleBack also includes an elevating roof with a fold-out bed, a kitchenette and all the other usual amenities you would find in a motorhome, however it doesn’t include a washroom meaning that if you were to invest in this vehicle you would have to rely on public facilities or pitch up in a caravan park at regular intervals throughout your journeys.

In other news, the German motorhome manufacturer Knaus has also announced that they are planning on manufacturing two new motorhome models, however both will be slightly less quirky that the Volkswagen DoubleBack. The company decided to release the new vehicles as part of their 25 year anniversary celebrations, and will be called the Sun TI 650 and the Sun Ti 700. Each model will include an impressive amount of motorhome accessories, such as 15 inch alloys, colour coded front bumpers with LED daytime running lights, an electric awning and cruise control.

If you are planning on investing in a new motorhome this year then make sure you first contact your motorhome insurance provider, especially if you are planning on buying something that little bit unconventional such as the VW DoubleBack!

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