Campervan on beach

Parking Up Your Motorhome

Choosing where to park up at night isn’t always just a case of finding a nice view and a few acres of empty land. Criminals operate in a huge variety of places and motorhomes are often targets and even with the best motorhome insurance policy, theft is not the sort of thing you want to be dealing with while you’re on holiday. Here’s a quick guide to choosing a good spot to park up:

Beaches and Parkland

Usually beaches or wooded areas tend to be quite deserted and if you’re parked in a designated car park you might find some CCTV protection. Be careful, though, beach car parks in large tourist areas can get targeted by locals who are looking to exploit campers parked in well known areas. It can pay to find somewhere a little off the beaten track.

Town Car Parks

If you have a reasonably low profile motorhome or perhaps a sleek van conversion then you might well get away with overnight stops in town car parks. Always go for undercover car parks if possible and avoid roadside parking where you can. Again, CCTV is something to look for, but be sure that you are complying with all the charges you need to – CCTV might be a bit of a hindrance if you haven’t paid!

Lay-Bys and Services

Unfortunately, lay-bys next to busy roads can be real crime hotspots but you should be okay if you find quieter country roads to park in. Make sure the width you leave is more than enough for two cars to pass. Motorway service stations can be another good option if you’re travelling long distances and usually they are protected by cameras and attendants. Again, check the charges – it may be free for a few hours but will probably become very expensive if you stop for a long period.

Picking the right spot is sometimes a matter of choice and sometimes convenience so wherever you stop make sure your doors are firmly locked, your alarm system is operational and all your valuables are removed from your vehicle.

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