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Planning your 2012 Holidays

How quickly the year has gone! It seems only yesterday we were ushering in 2011 and now we are nearly celebrating the New Year once again! And with the New Year soon upon us, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your holidays over the next 12 months.

When thinking of booking a holiday, most people will instantly think of a tropical paradise, far away, where you can relax on warm sandy beaches. However, the days of bargain flights seem to be at an end with new emission rules and with the rising cost of life and a weak pound on top of this, the long haul destinations seem to be an unrealistic dream at the moment. However, there are still affordable, fun and exciting holidays to be had in 2012!

Going to Europe

Europe is full of many wonderful holiday destinations, from Paris to Rome to Barcelona there are many beautiful cities, beaches and attractions for the whole family. What’s more, with the Eurotunnel and Channel Crossing you can avoid the cost of flights by driving to your holiday destination.

For motorhome enthusiasts a European holiday is even more affordable as you can avoid flight and hotel costs, by simply packing up your motorhome, grabbing the family and heading out! This is also the perfect way to tour multiple European destinations in one trip, although you should check that your motorhome insurance policy covers you in all of the countries you are planning to visit.


Another option that is becoming increasingly popular, as people look to save money on their holidays, is staycations in the UK. More and more people are booking trips to the UK’s beautiful national parks, city attractions and golden beaches and making the most of the number of hotels and campsites we have in the UK.

Once again this is an even more ideal option for motorhome owners as you can travel around and visit multiple destinations across the UK without having to pay for hotels!

With so many destinations to choose from in the UK and across Europe you could end up spoilt for choice of where to go in 2012! So, any tips? Where would you recommend for a UK or European holiday?

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