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Planning your Motorhome Trip

Though there’s plenty of motorhome owners who like to just see where the wind takes them and roll into campsites as and when they please, if you’re thinking of doing a big trip or just planning to make the most of a short holiday then a bit of planning can really help. Good planning doesn’t mean a rigid itinerary, it just means thinking ahead!

Attractions and Destinations

The best way to see the most of a particular country or area is to look it up not by where the convenient campsites are or where motorhome parking is, but by the things you want to do and see. Whether it’s deserted beaches or specific museums or just a bit of peace and quiet you’re after, the best thing to do is plan your stops around any attractions – that way you can pick the best bits rather than finding yourself stuck for ideas in a convenient campsite.

Be Realistic

Driving in Europe is without doubt easier than driving in the UK, but it doesn’t mean you can do a thousand miles in a day very easily. Don’t overdo the amount of time you spend on the road – it’s not safe to be at the wheel for really long periods of time and it’s a good remedy for a bit of tension within the van which, on holiday, you really don’t need. Plan to drive a realistic amount every day rather than one large trip and enjoy the ride!

Safety Aspects

Planning a trip avoids any potentially nasty situations in poor campsites, driving too far or travelling beyond your motor home insurance cover. It can also be kind to your motorhome and planning a good route through the country rather than just blasting motorway miles in the hope of getting to the next large town is far less strenuous on your vehicle.

It’s good to make use of the resources available to you when planning: talk to other motor home owners, use travel guides and forums and you’ll have instant access to the best campsites and places! It’ll help you get the most out of your trip and, remember, it doesn’t have to be fixed. By all means let your imagination take you away, but a rough plan is never a bad starting point.

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