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Re-Spraying your Motorhome

One of the best things about owning a campervan is you can choose exactly what finish you want! Maybe you’ve dreamed of a VW Transporter in sparkly pink or perhaps just want to cover up some scratching on your old Transit? Either way, here are a few tips on getting the finishing touches just right…

Go Professional

If you’re after a look that really impresses and perhaps some detailed artwork or even text, then you really should seek out a professional to do the job. It might be tempting and, possibly, cheaper to get the spray cans out yourself, but the equipment required to do a job that looks like it has just come off the production line is quite serious. Unless the ‘handcrafted’ finish is something you find particularly desirable, you shouldn’t underestimate the work that’s required to do a good job and you go and find someone in the know!

Touching Up

Touching up work is easy enough to do yourself providing you match the colours correctly. Unfortunately, only the manufacturer’s own brand paint will be a perfect match, but you might be able to get close if check out some of the options available for custom-mixed paint at your local DIY store. Lots of big brands have options to create matching paints, but make sure what you use is appropriate for your finish.

Safety Concerns

Beware that the fumes from spray cans and many metal paints are very nasty and if not taken seriously can cause lung or respiratory problems. Equally, mechanical parts within engines don’t especially like paint so cover up everything that is potentially going to be damaged before any work is done– you won’t be able to claim repairs on your campervan insurance if you get paint in your drive train!

If you’re looking for a total re-spray that really turns heads then you need to find someone who really knows what they’re doing and work with them to create something you love. Make sure, also, any smaller jobs are done well, even if you do them yourself – there’s nothing that ruins the aesthetic of a great looking campervan more than shoddy paintwork!

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