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Rent or Buy a Motorhome?

If you’re new to motorhome holidays, you’re unlikely to want to jump straight in and buy the next best thing without knowing whether or not you’re going to enjoy your trip. Even for experienced travellers, taking the leap to buy a new or used motorhome is still some way off. Here’s a quick guide to the pros and cons of renting or choosing to buy your own.


Renting is for a lot of people the most cost effective way of enjoying a motorhome trip and if you’re travelling for, perhaps, one week a year it makes sense to rent. Equally, if you’re travelling a long way overseas then buying a motorhome in the UK might be more hassle than it’s worth and you might be able to get a good deal on cheap flights to your destination that allow you to pick up a motorhome on arrival.

Before you travel, make sure you compare the prices of rental packages, though, because some providers will charge huge premiums on your motorhome insurance which drastically puts up the cost. Renting doesn’t offer you the flexibility of buying, either, and you can end up with a motorhome that is difficult to drive or doesn’t quite have enough space.


Where renting falls down, buying picks right up. You can choose any model, any spec and you can find a cheap motorhome insurance quote that matches your price bracket. You needn’t worry about large excess charges on rental insurance or spending hours trawling the net for somewhere reliable to hire, you can just get in and drive!

Of course, the price is the thing that puts many people off a motorhome but it is worth doing the calculations for your own personal use. If you find yourself renting maybe two or three times a year then it might save you to buy in the long run.

There’s no right answer to whether to buy or rent and your decision should be largely based on usage. The flexibility that comes from owning your own motorhome is not something to be sniffed at, however, so if you do find yourself renting a lot then maybe think about taking the plunge!

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